Killing in the name of


Human beings are problematic, are they not? So much celebration over the death of Gaddafi, and yet is it really right to celebrate death? Wasn’t there enough murder and death in Libya already, without adding to that and then cheering? Yes, it’s amazing and wonderful for Libya that they are now free of an oppressive dictatorship, but…
Celebration of death leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Where is the real pro-life sentiment? The irony of the ‘pro-life at all costs’ movement is that they advocate suffering and pain and sometimes death in the pursuit of their supposed high moral ground. They’re often the ones that support the death penalty, the ones that cheer at the death of Bin Laden. The ones that would let the uninsured die rather than support state medical services. The ones that turn a blind eye to perpetrators of hate crimes against gays and transgender people.
I call bullshit.
Where does that leave me? I would say that I am pro-life because I do not believe in the taking of life. Yet I am fiercely pro-choice. A woman’s body, a woman’s right to decide. Are they mutually exclusive? I don’t believe so, but I’m not sure I could articulate why.


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