Six-year old wisdom for the Prime Minister


This says it all really.  Written by the six-year old daughter of our friends to Julia Gillard.  She is an amazing little person, and this…  is beyond beautiful.

But it got me to thinking.  I wonder how many six year old children of fundamentalist Christian families write similar letters (from the opposing viewpoint, naturally)?  Do they write letters?  Are they forced to write letters?

I know I’m completely biased but this unprompted and from the heart missive must be so much more meaningful than anything that comes from ignorance and brainwashing.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I’m hoping this might actually make it into JG’s hands.  Stella Young is meeting with the PM this evening and has tweeted that perhaps she should show it to her.  I hope so.  How can you argue with that letter?

Equality matters.


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